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President, CEO, Co- Founder

Sarah is a travel addict. Half German, Half Caribbean, she was barely a month old when she boarded on her first flight with her parents. She has successfully journeyed across Americas and Europe; thus exploring many exquisite cities like Paris, New York, Miami, Berlin. She graduated from French Hospitality Management School Grégoire FERRANDI.
During the last 6 years, she experienced different positions in Tourism & Travel Industry.

Personality: Obsessed with good food, white sand beaches & Caribbean music. She proudly represents Caribbean Culture whenever she has the opportunity and is involved in Women Entrepreneurship Development.

Best travel memory : Finding her life purpose in New York City during a trip  with her friend Malika.

Funny story : Engaging in eating the jalapeño pepper for the first time during a trip to Spain turned out to be a demand yet hilarious lesson for this young lady.

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Annabelle FERRERI

Co-Founder, US Market Manager

After almost 2 years in Boston, Annabelle travelled all over the US. She has always searched for new discoveries and adventures. The Half Caribbean, Half Italian girl was born and raised in Paris. And even at a tender age, Annabelle already travelled across the Atlantic Ocean by herself. She is clearly a travel addict.
After graduating with a Master degree in Business law, Annabelle decided to live for her passions of traveling and gastronomy.

Personality: Addicted to sunsets, she can find the best spots everywhere. Passionate by mountains, hiking, local food and photography. As a Caribbean native, she is heartily obsessed with beaches.

Best travel memory: Discovering the Everglades with her mother all by themselves. Dangerous? Yes! But truly satisfying and merciful for the most.

Funny story: Being stuck in Hollywood mountains with no phone, no wifi just her bestie. Was a funny one.

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