Romance in Barbados

The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Why would you want to say “I do” anywhere else but on this little slice of heaven?
Your dream wedding can come true with a little help from the best, wonderful and established wedding planners.
These professionals manage teams of photographers, florists and interior decorators, all of whom are highly trained- some internationally -to deliver world-class service.

Amazing Island

Barbados boasts a wide range of options and can deliver wedding packages to accommodate any size pocket, from the sweet and simple to the luxury of an A-list celebrity.
No matter what you have in mind, the splendors of the powder-soft, white sand beaches, warm tropical seas, landscapes and seascapes are yours for the taking.

Perfect for wedding beach

Beach weddings are always amazing, and you’ve got plenty of those to choose from.
The island is surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches, each one with something special to offer in terms of setting and capturing the mood you wish to create.
Hotels’ beaches always do the trick since they offer all-inclusive service for the most, but also a very intimate ceremony.

Other one of the kind venues

For those who fancy something else, botanical gardens at Andromeda, Orchid World or the Flower Forest are ideal, fragrant locales, where love blooms forever.
Those will blow your guests away while nature shows off its candid grace.
Plus, you may get to save up on flowers and decorations: the stunning beauty of nature does it all.

Magnificient churches

Historic chapels and churches with stained glass windows in St. Andrew, St. George and St. John – to name just a few – provide the perfect backdrop for your special day in the unparalleled tropical splendor of Barbados.

Easy procedure

As far as the procedure is concerned, for both party not being citizen of Barbados, you pay US$ 100 and US$12,50 (for a stamp) for the licence.
Civil marriage ceremonies are held in the court or out of the court, respectively US$ 125 and US$175.

For further information, contact the Ministry of Home Affairs at
tel: 1-246-621-0227
fax: 1-246-437-3794

By Valerie REMILIEN | Jan 16, 2017 | Romantic |

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