The Soufriere and Mud Baths : Experience a Natural SPA

Soufriere experience in St Lucia

St Lucia is this marvellous Caribbean Island everyone needs to travel to once in their life.  Undeniably romantic, it is the perfect getaway for a honeymoon or even for your dream Caribbean wedding ceremony. It is also home to sublime landscapes and sightseeing spots.
The lush rain forest takes over the island, and the “oh-so-Caribbean” curvy roads lead you down to the town of Soufriere. Soufriere is also named after the dormant volcano that rises above.

The World’s Only Drive-In Volcano

This world’s only drive through Volcano is a major tourist attraction as it features many great experiences such as the mud bath, and the hot springs- which are rich in volcano minerals and are also said to be the perfect skin treatment.
If you want to avoid the crowd, make sure to visit in the early morning(around 9 am), while the other visitors might still be at their breakfast table.
After 10 am, you come across a huge crowd and even stand in line to get your mud.The  further hot springs can also be a great alternative to avoid heavy groups of tourists.

The Sulphur Springs

When you arrive onsite, you notice this very strong smell of Sulfur- which I particularly love unlike the average person- and you glimpse the boiling muck on top of a slight hill.
For the crater hunters, you can see it as it is characterized by the smoking Sulphur gas also known as Sulfur Springs as well as the boiling mud and water.
Your guide takes you up close (not too close) to observe this natural phenomenon in action, and in the meantime, will give you some very detailed explanations.

How to get there

As far as the ride to Soufriere is concerned, you must consider a two hour-drive from Castries, since the volcano is in the south of the island.
Many taxis and tour companies will give you a ride from your hotel to the site. If you are staying at any other hotel in the South area, it is easily accessible.

Entrance Fee and Accessibility

  • Bear in mind that for the 30 minutes’ tour by itself you pay Eastern Caribbean $ 20(US$8)
  • Mud bath only EC$ 12.50 (US$5)
  • Both tour and mud bath experience, you pay EC$30.25 (US$12).
  • The access is to 9am to 5pm daily.

What Should I Wear

The tour itself isn’t very long and is easily accessible.
You can wear your sneakers but any other shoes will do the trick(except high heels). Make sure you bring your bathing suit, towel and some dry clothes.
Wearing a hat is also recommended as well as  a good sunscreen.

Be ready to experience The Soufriere Volcano and its open pit SPA.

By Valerie REMILIEN | Jan 3, 2017 | Sight- Seeing Spot |

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