The Steel Pan Restaurant

Oh So Caribbean !

Have you ever eaten a conch salad or some Jerk chicken on a swing? As weird as it sounds, this is what you should expect if you plan on going to Le Steel Pan Restaurant in Fort-de France.

An amazing place

Please get in.
Be amazed by the original décor and the cool atmosphere going around.
There is no other place on the island where you can Sip a cocktail in front of an old van converted into a bar (how did they get it in there anyway?) or even have a swing as a chair to sit on at your table.
Chromatic colours are part of this piece of art: from the chairs, to the tables or even the bathroom, every detail was carefully chosen to create something very atypical.

Titilating Food

Have a seat.
Your waitress brings a huge chalky black board to your table with the cocktails, entrées and main courses on.
A very diverse menu features every Caribbean flavours and well-known dishes.
Some are revisited, adding or replacing with new ingredients; others are cooked in the exact good old way: fall for the Jerk Chicken! Be refreshed by the Conch and Pineapple salad!
Your palate will be spoiled while you are having a real Caribbean Culinary Experience.

Tasty cocktails

Sip in.  Mango Colada.
Not your usual Pina Colada. Something more subtle and delicious.
Although there are many other cocktails that taste just as good, the mango Colada just blow your taste buds away. And if you are not a great fan of alcohol, order its virgin version: the Mango Coco.
Pure happiness!

Excellent service

Smile. Just like anyone else working there, waitress, barman and even the manager/owner gives you a warm welcome and service.
While you wait for your food, you are served a mouthwatering “mise-en-bouche”.  Just a little warm up before the feast.
Service usually takes no more than 10 minutes which is a pretty good thing if you are starving 🙂

Easily accessible

Its great location makes it easy to find. Reservations are highly recommended.
Le Steel Pan Restaurant
Centre Commercial La Veranda
Rond Point  du Vietnam héroïque
97200 Fort de France
0596 56 90 64

Opening hours:
Every day from
12 :00 PM to 2 :00PM
7:30Pm to 10:30pm

By Valérie REMILIEN | Jan 11, 2017 | Culinary |

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