About Martinique

Not only is Martinique known for being the flower island, this french- speaking Caribbean island is home of the best  Rums in the region.
With an area of 436 square miles and a population of approximately 390,000 inhabitants, the island is located in the lesser antilles between the islands of Dominica in the north and St Lucia in the South.
This French oasis offers a wide range of landscapes, from the humid and tropical forest up north and the black-sand beaches to the dry and hot climate in the south with its large sandy crystal blue-wwater beaches .
You can also climb up on top of  the 4,000 foot Mont Pelée. Still active, this volcano errupted in 1902, killing almost all of the residents of the city of St Pierre.

Favorite beach ?

While visiting Martinique make sure you stop by the Anse Couleuvre beach – this black sand beach will let you under the impression of being apart from the rest of the world.
This unique beach is situated at the very end of the Caribbean sea coastline of the island.

Favorite Meal ?

Martinique is this little piece of France in the Caribbean- The local gastronomy is made of some very tasty, inventive and scrumptous dishes.
Speaking of which, you should definitely taste the local Fricassée de Lambis. This seafood is usually cooked in a stew  or grilled, accompanied with rice and salad.

Favorite Event ?

Carnival is surely this unique event you do not want to miss !
This colorful, lively and one of a kind celebration lasts 5 days. Five days of total frenzy and madness ! Music and dance take over the streets of the capital Fort de France. Carnival in Martinique is totally free for everyone. You can just decide to join whichever band you chose and enjoy the rythms of the drums.
Mardi Gras will introduce you to the Diables Rouges, a vibrant part of the island heritage and culture and many more.

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